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Time is running very fast, the four-month of my internship at Doppler Elevator Co.,Ltd is coming to an end.


In the first-half month, everything is hidden in my heart with difficulties. I was used to be a student nd suddenly my role changed. I feel that the pressure comes, everything is no longer as simple as before,maybe that's my true life.


At first,thanks so much that Doppler provides me this valuable internship opportunity. Thanks for the leadership team of the company to my training,and also thanks for the help of my colleagues.


Through this intership, I learned a lot of things that I can't learn in school.I feel that I become mature, and know how to do, and understand the meaning of study. A person's life cannot be all plain sailing, only brave to face each station in life. It makes me feeel clearly the responsibility on my shoulder, realize my own life direction, also let me learn that the work should be carefully to do. We need to have a peace of mind and qustion spirit to think everything, listen to more from other's advice. Don't be too anxious, responsible for myselves, do not easily to promise, and try to implement after promised,diligent and studious, modest and prudent, listens to colleagues' guidance carefully,and listens to others' suggestiong. And try to apple the knowledge to practical work,and try to combine theory with practice. Also, always stick to the principle: Do the best.


I will take this internship as the starting point of my life,and constantly ask myself to improve myself and do better in the future.