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/ 企业动态


At 10 a. m. on June 16, a bus carrying teachers and students from 2014 intelligent building major of Sichuan Engineering Technical College came into the gate of the company.


The Manufacturing Department and Administration Office, Mr.Guo Xiaobin and Miss Zhenyan led the guests visited the elevator workshops. During the visit, Mr. Guo Xiaobin introduced on the production process and technology to the guests.


In the communication part, Wang Jie and Liang Lunan, 2013 grate students who are working in internships, have also communicated with their classmates and provided them with the learning experience and answered the questions.


Miss. Zhong Zhenyan carefully answered questions from students, mainly for the questions of the interview, after the internship post and work posts. The students are full of expectation for the future work.


Finally, Miss. Luo Hui, the administration office director, took photos with our guests, and finished this event.