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四川电梯业大比武 多普勒电梯再获殊荣

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The Second National Elevator maintenance occupation skill contest, Sichuan division, final competition was held in Mianyang City.Our company’s competitors are among the best and will represent the Sichuan division toward the finals.


This competition is highly concerned by the leadership of the elevator company. Mr. Li Zengjian, Deputy Secretary of China Elevator Association, President of China Elevator Magazine,Director of Mechanical Industry Occupation Skill Appraisal in Elevator Industry Center attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Referee team leader Mr. Zhao Bin, Doppler elevator company contestant Mr. Pan Xiaodong respectively represents the entire referee and contestant solemn, guarantees the competition fair and open.


More than 70 members from 38 companies participated in the competition. It is divided into practice, theory and 3D simulation. The part of Operation set up to four tests: rescuing the trapped passengers, excluding electrical fault and troubleshooting mechanical fault, and elevator maintenance knowledge. The practical operation account for 70%, theory for 30% to ranking scores. Finally, Doppler elevator team as the best of candidates, will represent the Sichuan division to participate in the national finals.