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Spring is warm and everything is illuminated. On this special day, Doppler Elevator Co., Ltd wish all the sisters Happy Holidays! Health! Happy family! In the construction and development of the company over more than 10 years, the majority of female workers are always playing the role of "half the world" in the company's business. You have a strong mind of ownership, aggressiveness, solid work, fully demonstrated females are as excellent as their male colleagues. In an ordinary position, they made an important contribution to promote a harmonious environment to make an extraordinary performance, to promote the scientific development of the company,.


The company wish all of you will continue to carry forward the spirit of "Pride, Faith, Independance and Power", and further strengthen your study and hard work, and make new contributions and achievements for the rapid construction and development of company.


On the arrival of the women's day, we wish all of you with our warmest greetings and sincere wishes for your health, happiness, youth and a bright future!