Doppler Elevating Your World.


物联网 Internet of things


Based on the perfect combination of advanced mobile communication technology and Internet network, real-time acquisition of main boards, converter data, wireless remote transmission, to achieve remote monitoring of the internet.

光幕保护 Light Curtain Protection


Through the formation of dense sensitive infrared curtain, light curtain protection safety net among the room of the elevator door, enter the detection position for any live objects sensitive reaction, greatly improve the safety performance.

ID/IC卡身份识别 ID/ IC card identification


ID/ IC card to control the use of elevators, only with ID/ IC card to use this elevator, greatly enhance the security of building management, and make users ease.

制动器 Brake


When the elevator cabin is stationary and the traction machine is out of power, it prevents the elevator from accidentally moving and causes the car to stagger or fall down.

限速器 Governor


Preset and debugging complete over speed protection device to avoid speeding danger.

电梯门锁 Elevator Doorlock


Locking device for car doors and floor doors (usually refers to floor doors). Under normal circumstances, the door cannot be opened with the use of unlocking devices in order to protect people from being cut or fall.

光幕保护 Light Curtain Protection


When people or objects enter into the light screen barrier area by using the light scanning technology, the control system will rapidly convert output level signal, and make the door machine react, to achieve security objectives.

安全钳 Safety Gear


The special spring steel clamp body and special wear-resistant material jaw ensure that the elevator stops smoothly during over speeding and reducing the damage to the guide rail effectively.

缓冲器 Buffer


Adopt 1 to 3 stage buffer to enhance buffer effect and reduce danger risk.

新一代永磁同步无齿轮曳引机 New Generation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless Traction Machine


To reduce the building construction cost and elevator operation cost, energy and space saving, based on the environmental concept, Doppler has successfully developed a new generation of Permanent Magnet Gearless Traction Machine. The core technology is leading the elevator industry, by using the aviation of rare earth materials, green environmental protection, no oil pollution, low noise, to achieve the elevator maintenance free and environmental requirements, and more than 45% of energy saving.

强大动力系统 Powerful dynamical system


The traction machine has high transmission efficiency, low noise and smooth running.

能量再生回馈技术(Reco+) 超强节能28% Energy Regenerative Technology (Reco+), Super energy saving 28%


Doppler elevator can recycle up to 28% of the energy consumed by elevators operating. Especially, in the case of elevator running up without load or down with heavy load, the electric energy generated by the motor will be converted into resistance heat and wasted. But Doppler’s Reco+ will support to transform electrical energy into the normal electric current with the corresponding grid current, so the newly generated electric current can be used for other electrical equipments, and to achieve substantial energy saving effect.

稳定可靠的控制系统 Stable and Reliable Control System


The Elevator Control System of Doppler adopts dual 32 bit network intelligent serial communication elevator special control system. Combined with the new generation of industrial control technology and communication technology, covering distance control, direct docking, closed-loop vector control technology, multi-CPU operation technology, build a new generation of intelligent vector control system.

变频门机系统 Frequency Conversion Door System


Frequency Conversion Door System adopts the most advanced frequency vector control technology, closed-loop control, achieving real-time monitoring of door machine operation; high reliability, compact structure, smooth curve; high shaft utilization rate; strong general performance, synchronous belt transmission with stable transmission and low noise.

LED轿内照明 LED Internal Cabin Lighting


The utility model has the advantages of high light efficiency, less power consumption, no radiation, easy control, free maintenance, safety, environmental protection, etc., and the lamp tube is more durable and has longer service life than the traditional electric lamp tube.


We always put the quality of service in the same importance as the quality of products, adhering to the "service first" concept, and strive to maximize customer satisfaction.

专业的安装维保团队 Professional installation and repair&maintenance team


We have a strong professional, high quality service installation and maintenance team, able to respond quickly to customer needs, and provide customers with the best solution.

完善的服务网络 Perfect service network


We have established a complete network of sales and after-sales service, providing customers with 7/24 standby, professional, fast technical support and after-sales service.

健全的备品配件体系 Reliable spare parts system


A reliable component supply system provides full support for product maintenance efficiency and quality.