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2016年3月26日下午,尼泊尔官方及企业代表团访问了川开集团。出席嘉宾有:尼泊尔投资部总裁Radhesh Pant先生、灾后重建部总裁SushilGyewali先生、尼泊尔知名企业家Chandra Prasad Dhakal 、秘书长Ram BabuAdhikari,川开集团董事局主席简兴福先生、川开集团董事王洪先生及川开集团旗下企业中汉电力有限公司总经理唐其敏先生、多普勒电梯有限公司总经理李杰先生等。尼泊尔代表团在川开集团领导的陪同下,参观了川开集团工业园区。随后,双方在川开集团会议室进行了进一步的交流,对潜在的合作机会进行了友好沟通。

On March 26, 2016, Nepal's official and business delegation visited the CCK Group. Our guests include: Nepal investment department President Mr. Radhesh Pant, reconstruction department President Mr. SushilGyewali, , the well-known entrepreneur of Nepal Mr. Chandra Prasad Dhakal, Secretary Gerneral Ram BabuAdhikari, Board Chairman of CCK Group Mr. Jian Xingfu, Director of CCK Group Mr. Wang Hong, and subordinate of CCK Group, China Han power Company General Manager Mr. Tang Qimin, Doppler Elevator Co. Ltd. General Manager Mr. Li Jie etc.. Under accompany with the leadership team of CCK Group, the delegation of Nepal visited the CCK Industrial park. Subsequently, the two parties held further meeting, and made friendly communication on potential opportunities of cooperation.


This visit of Nepal delegation expressed their appreciation for the size and strength of the electric, elevator and mechanical industries of CCK Group, and inquired in detail about the production, technology and sales of main industries. They were also make a deep understanding of invested and intended to invest in power energy projects by ZhongHan Electric Power Co., Ltd.. They think the visit is very success, not only to help Nepal learn from Chinese experience, but also to promote friendly exchanges and cooperation between Sichuan and Nepal. Finally, both sides expressed their desire to go deeper communication and further establish cooperative relations.