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On March 17, 2017 at 4 p.m.,the headquarter of CCK group held its fourthof third term Congress of Workers.Secretary of CCK Group of Communist party, Mr.JianXingfu, Secretary of CCK Group of Communist Party & Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr.LiHuaiyu , Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party & President of the Labor Union, Mrs. Zhang Qiong, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party & Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Mr. Jiang Lei, President of CCK Group and other Labor Union related leaders, and the union related leaders,also including other companies and works of CCK Gtoup,totally 102 staff representatives participated in the meeting. Mr. Bao Yong, Vice Chairman of the Labor Union of CCK Group hosted the whole conference.


During the meeting,Mr.Jian Xingfu, Communist Party Secretary of CCK Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors, delivered an important speech. Mr.Jian said that enterprises should follow the national fundamental policy, CCK employees should have CCK spirit, all staffs should strive for the ideal, employees’representatives should be concerned about the development of the company, One heart one dream, move toward tomorrow of CCK,work hard and dream for a historical CCK.

集团总裁姜磊对集团生产经营进行了工作报告,报告就公司主要经济和管理指标、专业管理、多元化发展、转型升级等方面进行了全面总结,科学分析了当前形势和公司所面临的压力和挑战,并对公司 2017 年工作做了重要部署。

Mr. Jiang Lei,CCK Group president,made a report about the work of the CCK's operation and management. The report mainly comprehensive summarized that the economic and management indicators, professional management, diversified development, transformation and upgrading and other aspects.It was scientific analyzed the current situation and the facing pressure and challenges of our company,and made an important deployment plan for 2017.

集团工会主席李怀玉回顾总结了过去一年工会工作情况,对工会 2017 工作提出了要求。他希望职工代表在今后的工作中要充分发挥好代表的作用,为公司生产经营献计献策、共同努力为公司的转型升级做出自己的一份努力。

Mr. Li Huaiyu, Chairman of the Labor Union of CCK Group, reviewed and summarized the work of the labor union in 2016, and made requirement for the 2017.He expected that the staff representatives should play a great role for the future work. Making their own efforts to work together for the company's transformation and upgrading and providing suggestiongs of production and management.


Miss Ye Xiuhua, the Commission Director, described the union expenses.Miss Zhong Peicen,Assistant of the president,explained the detail changes base on the "Employee Handbook",“Employee Behavior Norm And Punishment Regulation”,“Employee Labor Discipline ManagementRegulation”,“Employee Resignation Management Regulation”,“Management Regulation for Recruitment, Hiring, Internal Transfer” etc.The participants listened carefully and put up their hands to vote on the amendments to the above company system.


So far, the fourth of the third term Congress of Workers was successfully completed.