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When you were born, he became strongest dependence. We call "father",he is most willing to follow your order. The first time to teach you to walk, the first time to teach you to konw black from white, until you grew up, the first time to send you to leave...... dad, how lucky you regard me as a pearl in the palm, then, it is my turn to protect you. Father's Day is coming, don't forget to say: Dad, I love you!


Father, you always use the most plain and simplest way to express your love, but your love is enough for us to live forever.


You use a big heart, build up a harbor of love; you use plain hands to create a home of happiness; you use tough shoulders, up a love paradise.


The gently greeting is integrated with all our wishes, the subtle blessing has poured into our infinite sincerity, a quiet text messages fill into the screen!


Would like to hold a little water, moisten your heart; willing to pick a ray of sunshine, bright your face; willing to pick a flower, clear your eyes; wish to present a blessing, beautiful your feeling!


At this special day, all our blessings are filled with our love, enrich your glass, red and deep, until the bottom of your heart.


Happy Father's Day for all fathers around the world !