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/ 行业动态


In order to promote the relationship between our company and Sichuan Special Equipment Inspection Institution, and to improve physical and psychological excise, we held a friendly soccer match by Doppler Elevator vs. Sichuan SEII. Everyone was sweating on the pitch, not only present the sport spirit , but also show out the friendship and unity. Sport brings happiness from the competition.


The game started very intense, and the camera couldn't keep up with the running speed!


It's getting dark. Are those men very handsome in the night?



After the game, both teams happily exchange experience with common progress.


We finally won the game in the score of 9 : 8 . Both players were playing very happy. After the end of the game; they were not enough to play one more match. The hard work on the court made everyone more aware of the strength of a team. Unity is the cornerstone of success. Only a unity can go faster, higher and farther!