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多普勒电梯举办“欢送2016 喜迎2017”元旦晚会

/ 企业动态


Monkey farewell to the old year going, Rooster sing to celebrate spring coming.


On the afternoon of December 29th, the company held a party to celebrate the new year 2017. Chairman board of directors of CCK Group Mr. Jian Xingfu, President Mr. Jiang Lei, Chairman Miss. Jian Xiaoqin, General Manager of Doppler Mr. Li Jie and other company leaders and employees gathered together to share this audio-visual show.


This New Year party are divided into songs and performance, and set awards separately for each performance. Singing shows selected Gold,Silver,Bronze prize, and performances selected the “Best Performance Award, Best Popularity Award, Best Creative Award, Best Organization Award.”


Chairman of the board of directors Mr. Jian Xingfu made New Year’s speech, and the party was officially started!


Our company has won the Gold place!

我们还得到了最佳组织奖! 我们的舞蹈《拥抱明天》拿到了最佳人气奖!

We also won the Best Organization Award! Our dance "Embrace Tomorrow" won the Best Popularity Award!


The Sketch "Quality Inspection", and song with dance “Love Forever” are also very exciting! Sketch "quality inspection" expounded the company "Serious Work, Practical Man" concept! Song with Dance “Love Forever” let everyone deeply attached to each other immersed in the joy of the festive atmosphere!


To carry forward the great spirit of craftsman, and demonstrate the elegance of the first line of employees, finally, six first line employees were approved the title of “Skilled Craftsman”. The maintenance department of our company, Longquan team leader Mr. Liu Peigen won this honorary title.


In the leader's blessing and audience applauses, the New Year Party achieved a perfect ending!