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On January 12th, 2017, Chengdu Chinese and Foreign Entrepreneurs Spring Festival of Excellent Entrepreneur Awards Ceremony was held at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Hi-Tech West District,Chengdu. The municipal departments relevant leaders of Chengdu, the Chengdu Federation of Enterprises, and from Chengdu district (city), county entrepreneurs representatives of Chengdu with more than 400 people participated in this conference.


The meeting announced "Decision of Conference on Recognition of the 2012 - 2015 Chengdu Model Enterprise Culture Construction Units, Advanced Units, Outstanding Workers and the Classic Example", "Decision of 2016 Modernization of Enterprise Management Innovation Achievement Award", "Decision of the Recognition of 2016 Annual Chengdu Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs, Most of Social Responsibility, Most OF the Contribution Star of Social Entrepreneurs, Innovational Star, Entrepreneurial Star".

集团董事局主席简兴福先生荣获 “2016年度十大优秀企业家”的称号并接受表彰。这是对2016年简主席带领全集团抓改革、调结构、促转型、谋发展取得优异成绩的充分肯定,彰显了我公司在行业内外及社会上的影响力和美誉度,更加激发起我公司全体干部员工在新的一年中团结进取、奋力拼搏、克服困难、争取更大成绩,实现2017年各项工作目标努力奋斗的信心和决心。

Mr. Jian Xingfu, Chairman of the Board Directors of CCK group, was awarded the title of "2016 Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs" and accepted the commendation. This is an affirmation that Chairment Jian led the whole group to reforming, adjusting the structure and promoting the development of the company by fully outstanding achievements. Highlighting the influence and reputation of our company in and outside the industry,and more motivated all the staff of the company to work together, striving to overcome the difficulties and to sttrive for greater achievements, and to achieve the goals of the work in 2017.